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XXIII Italian Language Week in the World. Results of the competition aimed at schools and universities in the consular district that have active Italian language courses

On the occasion of the XXIII Week of the Italian Language in the World (Oct. 16 – 22, 2023), the schools and universities in the jurisdiction of the Consulate General of Italy in Miami in which Italian is taught have been invited to develop projects on the theme of “Italian and Sustainability,” in connection with the centenary of the birth of Italo Calvino, a famous author in whose work references to environmental issues are frequent.

Students were asked to focus on a series of selected quotes from Calvino’s books and create an original paper summarizing, commenting on or interpreting the writer’s “green” themes.

A special jury, composed of Claudio Di Persia (chairman), and Professors Clara Iafelice and Simona Muratore, determined to award prizes to the following works produced by the students, divided into categories corresponding to the different formats provided.


Awards for a comic strip that tells a short story with text in Italian

The jury determines to allocate the prize provided for the ‘short prose’ category, which was not awarded, to an additional winner for the ‘comic strip’ category (for which the most entries were received).

Rafael Gomez, G. W. Carver Elementary School, Teacher Roselyn Navarro

Filippa Pontonio, MAST Academy, Lecturer Valentina Procopio


Prize for a PowerPoint presentation including images and text in Italian

Multi-generational collaboration among Italian students in Boca Raton, Florida: Sunrise Park Elementary School, West Boca Community High School, Florida Atlantic University

Drawings (slides 4-11): Scarlett (Kindergarten), Paige (Kindergarten), Holland (2nd Grade), Parker (2nd Grade), Xiomara (2nd Grade), Greenlee (2nd Grade), Bradley (3rd Grade), Brianna (3rd Grade). Sunrise Park Elementary. Teacher Concetta Falzone

Drawings (slides 1, 13-19, 30): Julia Borchers (12th grade), Maria Paula Borrero (12th ), Nina Capoccia (11th ), Victoria Carvalho (12th ), Lucas Cotait (12th ), Dana Delgado (12th ), Maria Felix (12th ), Angelica Gombos (11th ), Leah Iasenza (11th ), Angel Lopez (12th ), Ashley Lopez (12th ), Natalie Mcgovern (11th ), Jose Pardo (12th ), Marian Pena (11th ), Isabella Pighi (12th ), Nicoll Verjan (11th ), Mia Vilchez (11th ), Mariana Yee (12th ). West Boca Community High School. Teacher Dr. Marianna De Tollis

Narrative frame and drawings (slides 2, 21-27, 29): Karen Barone, Francesca Cocilovo, Maria Emilia Erbetta, Carmen Hagiiani, Amy Volpe (Intermediate/Advanced). Florida Atlantic University. Lecturer Dr. Ilaria Serra


Award for a narrated presentation (slides of a PowerPoint presentation with narrator’s voice in Italian:

Yordano Garriga, G.W. Carver Middle School, Teacher Raffaella Navarra Procopio


Short video award:

Sophia Torres, Michelle Puentes, Taifa Libin, Florida International University, Lecturer Magda Novelli Pearson


Prize for a short poem in Italian based on a short story by Italo Calvino:

Jennifer Giuliana Uva, Hialeah Senior High School, Teacher Chiara Rossi


Award for an object made from recycled materials, presented through photographs and/or video:

Rocio Rosado, Kaia Zohlman and Amir Almir, ISPA, Lecturer Nikole M. Sanchez


Special mention – out of competition: Istituto Superiore “Carlo Dell’Acqua” in Legnano, 5a A, Teachers Maddalena Cimmino and Vittoria Zingaro


The awards, offered by the Italian Cultural Institute of Miami, will be presented at a ceremony to be held in early 2024 at the Institute’s headquarters.