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Reopening Miami Dade County Public Schools



Reopening Miami Dade County Public Schools

Miami, July 30.

On July 29, the Miami Dade County Superintendent of Public Schools, Alberto Carvalho, outlined the reopening plan for the 2020-21 school year.

The start is scheduled for August 24 with a first orientation week. The first day of actual school will be August 31st. The school year will begin with the so-called "Stage 1" which provides online training through My School Online.

The Superintendent specified that the hope is to be able to start with "Stage 2" from October 5th. On September 30, the Superintendent will announce whether the conditions for this transition are met.

It is not possible at this time to make a forecast for the start of "Stage 3", in which students will be able to take lions back in class.