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Schedule an appointment


Schedule an appointment




The new Prenot@mi booking system allows the Italian or foreign citizens to book free consular services provided at the Consulate General in Miami, both directly on the calendar and by using the waiting list.
Given the high number of AIRE registered citizens in this Consular Area, it is possible that at the moment there are no appointments available both in the calendar of the requested service and in the relative waiting list.
It is advisable to try again later and especially at 00.00 in Rome, when the system adds new appointments in the queue.

Important notes:

  • the offices of the Consulate General are not required to activate or confirm the reservations made by the citizen in this system.
  • all bookings must be confirmed between the tenth and the third day before: unconfirmed bookings will not give the right to access the service, as the system will have made the appointment available to others.