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Schedule an appointment


Schedule an appointment

For Visa, Passport, Notary and Citizenship it is mandatory to schedule an appointment through our online Platform. Please follow the instructions at this link, after reading carefullly the instructions reported below.

Appointments must be made ESCLUSIVELY with the Office competent for the services required: Visa, Passport, Notary and Citizenship, ABSOLUTELY NOT FOR AIRE AND VITAL RECORDS

Requests accompanied by documents other than those required by the competent Office will not be accepted.

Make an online appointment



The Consulate General of Italy wishes to remind all users that the booking system “PrenotaOnline” is entirely FREE OF CHARGE.
Users will never be asked to pay any fee in order to book an appointment at the Consulate General.

We would recommend all users to refrain from accepting any offer made by websites, agencies or other individuals claiming to be able to book an early appointment on your behalf, provided that you pay a fee. The Consulate General wishes to stress that there is no connection at all between the Consulate itself and such websites, agencies or individuals and reserves its right to take action where appropriate.


The first time that the user accesses at the service, he have to provide personal data and an email address (that is mandatory).

In order to avoid any misunderstanding, it is important that the account which is going to be created should be in name of the user who needs the service; women, especially, should provide their nubile surname.

We remind you that birth date needs to be inserted in the format dd/mm/yyyy and that the chosen password have to be composed with at least 8 alphanumeric symbols and it should include at least one letter and one number. Moreover, we remind you to be careful to key the control code because, in case of mistake, the website will create another one.

To the email address that the user has inserted, he is going to get an email to confirm the registration and activate the account, so he could access to the system to schedule the appointment online (warning: if the email address inserted is a free account - like Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail - it is possible that the confirmation email will be receive after few hours or that is moved to other folders like “spam” or “junk email”, therefore it is suggested to check these folders too).

Once the user gets the access credentials, he will be able to access to the system throughout the username and the password and clicking on “Login”. Later, the user will select from the menu on the left the option “Prenota online” and then from the services list select the service needed. Proceed with the compilation of all the boxes.

It is possible to insert a second person who needs the service selecting the number 1 from the window at the bottom of the page and entering the data of this person. For more people who need the service it is necessary to create another email address.

The system is automatic - no operators-, therefore it is necessary that the user manage himself his own account. The consular operator can’t force the system, which is managed from Rome.

The system points out the availability on the calendar with different colors:

  •  green: means large availability of appointments.
  •  orange: means limited availability of appointments.
  •  red: means that the availability is finished for that date.
  •  black: means that the selected day is a holiday or not available for appointments because beyond the 90 days period.

The system with the date, assigns automatically a time too. This time is purely approximate, because it’s assigned respecting the chronological order of appointments. The effective time of reception is subordinated to the complexity of the documents of every appointment. A previous information and observance of the requested requirements will allow us to offer a rapid service to you and to the other consumers.

NB: the good working of the system of online appointments depends from the correct insertion of the request and from the respect to people who are in a similar situation.


The online appointment scheduling system, for the PASSPORT OFFICE,  is setup with a daily calendar that allows to schedule appointments up to 60 days. After 60 days it will not possible to schedule an appointment even if the system will show dates after this period. For the CITIZENSHIP OFFICE is possible to schedule appointments up to 2 years.

In order to offer a service which is satisfying for your expectations, we remind you to always cancel the appointment if you can’t present yourself. We remind you that it’s essential to confirm the appointment from 3 to 10 days before the selected date, otherwise the booking will be automatically cancelled. The system will send you an email with the link to confirm the booking.


If you are registered with the PRENOTA ONLINE in another consular jurisdiction and you want to register with the PRENOTA ONLINE of the  Italian Consulate in Miami, you can do so clicking on the CHANGE OFFICE link in your account page:

change office