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Please refer to the web pages of the Italian Ministry of ,  



  • Foreign Students: Admissions to universities/Medical Schools/Architectural Programs/ Academies and Master Programs

The following academic degree programs called  “Laura Magistrale” in”

-          Medicina e Chirurgia;

-          Odontoiatria e Protesi dentaria;

-          Medicina Veterinaria and

-          Architettura


Require the student to first pass an additional entrance examination, in italy or other authorized venues, before they can submit ti the proper Consulate the formal application for admission to the University of choice.


Enrollment for the entrance test is obtained via the portal where the student candidate must register directly not later than 3:00 PM (Italian time) of June 7, 2013.


All students are encouraged to establish communication electronically with the director of the specific academic program in Italy to which they are interested  and find out the specific requirements for that program and the academic calendar, including the date of the entrance examination established by the university.


By June 20, the student will submit to the Consulate:


1)   all documents pertaining the above 1) 2) and 3) points;

2)   Informative sheet (to be requested at

3)   Two passport size pictures

4)   Photocopy of passport page with photo and data

5)   Certified copy of High School diploma with Apostille and Italian translation

6)   If applicable, certified copy of all undergraduate transcripts with Apostille and

      Italian translation

7)   Federal Express Envelope and Airbill pre paid via the indication of a credit card number. The student address must  appear both as sender and receiver.



The documentation is presented to the Consulate in the area of residence, however, should the student have completed his/her studies in a State non included in those covered by the Consulate of residence (see the Consulates web pages), then he-she is expected to obtain the declaration of value from the Consulate having jurisdiction over the State in which the diplomas/transcript have been issued.


Admission to Master Programs


Students interested in pursuing Masters in Italy shall present  the above documents  2-6  including complete undergraduate transcript with Apostille and:

Certified copy of the Bachelor Diploma with Apostille

Description of undergraduate courses as downloaded from the US university web page


Translations of documents are required only if the Italian Master program is held in Italian.







The Apostille is an international certification mandatory on all diplomas and transcripts. It is obtained by sending to the State Department (State in which the documents were issued) copies of the documents (diplomas and transcripts) notarized school/university notary)


Documents must be submitted to the Consulate in original plus one copy.


Translation must be accurate and correct. A list of competent translation is available on our web