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Evaluation of US academic degrees for use in Italy.

Foreign academic credentials are not evaluated by the Consulate General of Italy. The process is carried out directly by the competent authorities in Italy: Provveditorato degli Studi, Universita`, Ministero, Provincia, Ufficio del Lavoro, etc.

To know what documents you need to collect for the process you intend to pursue in Italy, complete and send via email the request for verification of academic credentials to

A qualified foreigner wishing to study or to apply for a visa to work in a specific position in Italy needs a statement from the competent Consulate General of Italy indicating how his/her educational qualifications are comparable to the Italian national requirements.
A person educated in US can request his/her academic credentials evaluated to Italy equivalents for a variety of reasons.
For educational purposes:
Academic recognition is required for individuals who are seeking entry to an Italian educational institution. Students who wish to study in Italy need to present their educational achievements in the appropriate format. Please read information on academic requirements and how authenticity of foreign degrees is established.

For employment :

Those applying for temporary work permit might have to provide the Italian Labor Office with appropriate credentials of their educational background that is consistent with their application for permit to work.

Accreditation and registration of professional degrees:

US regulated professions, requiring a Board certification to practice, most likely are regulated in Italy as well, and require evaluation of the entire foreign qualifications by the specific Italian regulatory Authority before practice of that profession in Italy is allowed.

Legalization of academic documents per Hague Convention of 5 October 1961, law 1253 dated 20-XII-1966:

To prevent forgery or falsification of academic achievements as well as to ensure authenticity of US issued academic records, the applicant must present to the Consulate General of Italy all academic documents and degree required after they have been legalized as explained on authenticity of foreign degrees. After due verification the Consulate General of Italy will issue the official validation statement called Dichiarazione di valore. Without this statement the competent authority in Italy will not accept nor process any application.