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Registration of death certificate


Registration of death certificate


Registration of death certificates issued abroad (out of Italian territory) of an Italian citizen.

List of documents to present in order to register deaths in Italy:

1 - Request of registration of death form:

2 - Certificate of death, issued by the Vital Statistics Office of the State/Country where the event took place, that shows name, place and date of birth, place and date of death of the Italian citizen. 3 - Apostille of the certificate of death.

4 - Translation into Italian of the certificate of death. It can be prepared by the applicant, if competent in Italian, or by a qualified translator (please find the list of official translators).

5 - Document that proof the Italian citizenship of the deceased (Italian identity card, Italian passport, certificate of Italian citizenship);

6 -Photocopy of ID (identity card or passport) of the requester and the deceased.

If the certificate is a document other than A4, and/or printed on both side, and/or with glued attachments, please provide a copy of each side on a single face sheet.