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Per i Cittadini


Per i Cittadini

The task of our diplomatic-consular missions is to protect the interests of, and provide services to, Italians when not on Italian soil.
The services must be offered on the basis of equality, impartiality, efficiency and transparency, for the purpose of protecting Italian citizens and promoting respect for human rights and freedoms.

Services include assistance, for example, in cases of death, accident, serious illness, arrest or detention, acts of violence, assistance during serious crises (natural disasters, civil disorder, armed conflict, etc.) and the issuance of emergency travel documents in case of loss or theft.


Applications must be submitted in person or mailed, including a pre-paid self-addressed USPS, DHL, FedEx or UPS envelope where you will appear as both sender and receiver. The Italian Consulate will not be responsible for damage or loss of shipped documents. No individuals representing the applicants or agencies are recognized by the Consulate to act as intermediaries or are allowed to be present on the day of the appointment.


Please see the Italian Version of this web page for additional services and forms